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For 15 years Surfilaager has been running every summer. Now in the heart of one of the most beautiful beaches of Estonia a camp will be held for both experienced surfers, while beginners can also begin. Surf Camp is 5 days full of surf, sea, sun, world-class music and good people. Surfilaager IS TRUE!

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Surf’s up, stay tuned!

Full line-up now disclosed!

Dear music-lover, are you ready? Prepare to get up on your toes, because you are in for a treat!

This summer on the stages of Lemmeranna you get to see skyrocketing new era artists next to old and well bulletproof loved and adored bands. RANGLEKLODS from Denmark is over the years one of the most exciting bands in electronic music scene, Belgium’s over the top rock band KAPITAN KORSAKOV will blow you away with their guitar riffs, and THE SOUL SURFERS from Russian Siberia will make you dance to their killer funk like there is no tomorrow.

From Estonian music scene you will see best live bands and producers this seaside country has to offer. Rocking and rolling ELEPHANTS FROM NEPTUNE, 70s-80s jazz and rock legend RADAR, beloved VAIKO EPLIK & ELIIT, beauty that is beyond belief – STATE OF ZOE, self ironical and intimate live by MARTEN KUNINGAS, Estonian rap music wonderkids DVPH (Dragon Volta + Põhjamaade Hirm), world-class house music act TIGER MILK, sampled rhythms from KPM Live: Paul Oja & Kallervo Karu, pure surf from fresh KALI BRIIS BAND, surfer aces band RESOLVER and various top DJs and producers will spice up the sand between your toes!

Who are those producers, you ask? Here you go, but be prepared – they will spin and tune like no one else: CHECK ONE TWO legendary party night, HAIGLA DJ-s (they also run the hippest skate park around here), multitalented SANDER MÖLDER, DJ TALISknows how to make you dance, MADIS NESTOR – importer of fresh music, JazzItUp DJs ORAV & DRUMMIE, KTLG boys, soundsurfing KALAMARI UNIOON, and the one and only man amongst the first in Estonia to start spinning jazz – DJ HANNES KALAMÄE.

Are you ready?

World-class wakestyle kite boarder James Boulding comes to Estonia

There are some good world-class surfers coming to Surfilaager. One of the first ones to confirm is James Boulding from United Kingdom. Boulding is amongst the best in wake- and freestyle kite surfing. What he most definitely own on the sea are obstacles – not many know how to play around with them!
If you’re up for it, then Boulding’s got few good tricks up in his sleeve that he’s willing to share!


Legendary Estonian jazz-rock band RADAR – comeback for one night!

On 11th of July, the legendary jazz-rock ensemble RADAR is honouring the audience with an unexpected comeback that we’ve all been waiting for! The flagship band of Estonian 70-80′s fusion is awakening after a break of nearly 25 years to once again bring joy to fans and play instrumental classics from their golden years 1982-1985, including hits from the LP “Trofee” (1985).

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Initial Line-up confirmed!

Now 15, Surf Camp is celebrating a birthday with the strongest performers line-up so far. Approved by Estonian and foreign outdoor enthusiasts as well as summer activists our festival selection brings threatening rock riffs, a fresh tidal wave of electronic storms, devastatingly good funk, indie soothing rhythms, Estonia’s first fusion bands and the sunrise of the summer at an energizing after-party.

Domestic artists fresh from performing Tallinn Music Week Awards and Skype winners (Skype’s Go Change the World), are new rock-winning flagship ELEPHANTS FROM NEPTUNE,  as well as the beloved VAIKO EPLIK & ELIIT and a selection of Estonian music producers and DJ’s:

CHECK ONE TWO the legendary party night, multitalented SANDER MÖLDER, HAIGLA DJs velvet beats always fresh and surprising, MADIS NESTOR and JAZZ IT UP DJs: ORAV & DRUMMIE ears, gentle, but flip -flopping DJ-amortising at its best.

Also we feature foreign artists like another Tallinn Music Week audience favourite fresh from the big European festivals, stages and tables to shake, style to go beyond national boundaries, one of electronic music’s most exciting newcomers RANGLEKLODS of  Denmark, making no allowances for Belgian punk noise outfit KAPITAN KORSAKOV, and then from Russia, from Siberia indeed, the killer funk bunch THE SOUL SURFER.

Surfilaagri days this summer, led by Robert Kõrvits.

Stay tuned, we will soon disclose some new surprises!

Yours truly, Surfilaager.

Kristiin wins KTA 2013 series!

Today in China during the Asian Open Championship there was announced a freestyle kite board series overall winner. Estonia’s free-style kite surfer Kristiin Oja was the first place in the final stage to share the honour with a girl from Japan, Aya Oshima. Thanks to the previous stage victories, however, Oja came out from the series overall winner.
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New kid on the beach!

Surfilaager says: welcome to the team Ain (Penny) from Pirita Surf Club & Windsurfing School, organiser of the  2013 camp windsurfing beach territory and subject co-ordinator.


Ain can take your questions and suggestions on windsurfing courses, competitions, equipment rental, tents and team standings placements and beach concerns  -  penny@teamvosa.ee / 5155700